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Magnolia Leaf After the Rain

Oct 3, 2011 • 6 comments • 676 views

I was really enthralled with this little leaf "boat" filled with water.  I know my neighbors thought I was crazy laying in the driveway with my camera pointed at a leaf, but I think they're starting to get used to me doing things like that.

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10.03.11 •
Field of focus — wow! The ground really steals the show here.
10.03.11 •
Thank you all! I put this up on Flickr and got 2 whole views. I thought it was really cool. You all have validated me. haha.. thanks!
10.03.11 •
Pleeease, let us have it in "WET" :)
10.04.11 •
Sure Annna, and thanks.
10.04.11 •
10.04.11 •
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