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Are you an expert in some field or discipline? Do you like to write? Do you want to share your knowledge ? It is simple - become a contributor of Wikipedia encyclopedia. If the field of your interest is empty on their page, you are lucky and should look forward to your contribution for the general education of people on your beloved topic. Pay special attention to good references if your topic is of contested topic not understood by the majority type.    Then, lets start to write an article: Sign up, learn "wikitext" coding and marks, read many annoying rules, never forget to respect them and try to be in every way NEUTRAL in your piece. Write carefully, rationally, without emotions and support your statements by proving them with relevant references.   Week by week, you gather all necessary references, fine-tune your article and start searching for images or diagrams which bypass any copyright laws. A lengthy work on the issue, but one day - the article is ready. It is time to finally press the magic button: "Save page". Your work appears in its full glory.       A few hours later.... What ?! Where it is ? What´s happened ? Your article is not there. Aha, maybe some mistake, you've probably entered a bad link. No, it is right, where is the problem ?! Again.... what the hell ?!!   Yes, it is what it is. Your article was deleted. An uncomfortable surprise for the contributor of Wikipedia. But why ? Ask an admin.   Many questions, no response. You can only find the name of the user who deleted it with short notice: "nonsense." Your blank page looks at you with a derisive grimace. You are starting to be angry. How is it possible to say "nonsense" and delete the article without pointing out any flaws. You must write to that person, it is arrogance, incredible......"My article is correct, full of references from experts, how can you delete my article without any reason ?!"   Finally response ! What ?!! You don´t believe your eyes: "It is nonsense, so i can." Your hands are leaving the keyboard, where a lot of time was spent and dropped hands limp at your sides.    No - cheer up again - you must ask another administrator.... The beginning of the response looks correctly, but what is it ? You…

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