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Convozine 2.0

Jan 24, 2012 • 12 comments • 3709 views
Huge Huge Huge

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the Convozine experience and for the past few months our efforts have been focused on improving how published creative works are navigated and presented.   We just released a new site design that builds on some of these major themes:

- New zine design with improved navigation.  You can now flip through zines.
- Convos are easier to read.   Content is now displayed more prominently.
- Better discovery between zines and ways for people to find zines.
- Faster and simpler to participate in convos and zines.
- Update the overall look of the site.

We hope these changes will help the readers of your zines access and engage in the excellent content you are publishing to an even greater degree.

As always, your feedback is at the heart of what we do here, so as we roll these changes out in the coming weeks we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks for your support. You can follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

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I loves me the new format guys. Impressive. Well done!
01.26.12 •
Interesting redesign , was taken aback - will take some time to get used to it, I'm quite a "traditionalist" in terms of switching between complete redesigns. I'm sure it will catch up :)

I would suggest making awards based on individual zines more visible, instead of just a number. Also, sucks not seeing awards on one's own submissions.

Otherwise, some major improvements in other areas of functionality!
01.26.12 •
another issue I found: some of my photos don't load fully, when i click on the "slide show" some of them come up fully loaded, others are left in lo-quality. Then they load properly when refreshing and the same thing happens with the others.

When I open the photo on my desktop, it is ok though. IS anybody else experiencing this : http://convozine.com/510-existentiartism/28710 and http://convozine.com/929-holographic-universe/28709
01.26.12 •
Gonna look into further...
01.31.12 •
On google chrome, the pictures in the slideshow still don't load properly. However, all good in netscape. And looks MUCH better. Booooo at chrome.

I would like to see an option to scroll through the slideshow inside a convo by cicking on the image. That used to be possible, now there is only the set play button.
02.08.12 •
Your photos appear fine to me, Marianna.

Okeydoke, my inner pedant has just some small points/suggestions:

My avatar (under Editor) is tiny to the point of being almost redundant.

It also seems that some thumbnails generated are a little too 'lossy' at times, although that might be a restriction on your image servers. Can we up the lossless compression?

My Cover Image is small and fuzzy compared to where it is situated in edit mode - can we slightly up the size.

And it would be nice to have more than 20 chars max on the Tagline - the head/title banner certainly could accommodate it. It would be nice to post people quotes there, or have it as a status update based on the subject/theme we're posting on at the time.

Also, can the slideshow flash the link title when the mouse is floated over it?
01.27.12 •
Interesting points/ideas Markoff - we'll take into considering going forward. We have a lot of fixes and tweaks in the queue.
01.31.12 •
I'm adjusting to the new format. Could the "Features" fly out panel possibly contain 8-10 items? Five is too few, and formatting completely changes when you click on the more text.

I understand the economy of space, and dropping the type on top of the imagery. However, it is very "Power Point"-like with the gray screen overlay. A straight drop shadow on the type with an unaltered image might look better...I'm just saying...

Must agree with Marianna about the awards. The thing is you can not tell which zine generated which award. So, you can't tell where you are getting the best exposure, and what type of award was given. Also, for managing the zines...I love the new "feed" tab. If you can overlay a bit of text...how about adding little stars for the # of awards, and little rounded squares for # of comments...of just list the number. Just thought it would make determining those submissions that got the greatest response easier.
01.27.12 •
Great points.
01.31.12 •
In general - just letting you all know we appreciate and hear all the feedback. We know there's a lot to address and are working hard on it. It is indeed a huge transition - almost a rewrite, and that's a lot to deal with for both you guys and us :). Keep feeling free to voice your thoughts and ideas and critiques.
01.31.12 •
Got another suggestion. On the feed pages, the link to a submission only works when clicking on the text. It would be better if the link was also associated with the thumbnail of the submission. Now, if you click on any part of the thumbnail that doesn't have text...even though the cursor has become a hand (which leads one to believe it is an active link) nothing happens. Which makes the user think it is a broken link.
02.05.12 •
Is there still zine support? I've sent a few emails seeking support and no one has responded.
03.27.13 •
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