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Synchromysticism with Alan Abbadessa at RedIceCreations

Oct 27, 2011 • 0 comments • 2088 views

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described in this terminology by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the 1920s.[1]


The Sync Book Edited by Alan Abbadessa http://thesyncbook.com/


Hour One at Red Ice Creations with Alan Abbadessa : http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2011/10/RIR-111023.php

with references and further study of this fascinating wide-range theme


Writer and animator Alan Abbadessa-Green said when he tried to tell his mom about conspiracies, she looked at him like he was crazy. When he tried to tell her about synchronicity, she looked at him like he was crazy for not seeing it sooner. Alan just finished editing a book called, The Sync Book. It features a compilation of 26 bloggers, writers and artists who share their experiences and perspectives on the strange universe in which we live, focusing mostly from the viewpoint of synchromysticism. In this interview, we’ll explore themes from the book and talk about things such as symbolism, our entangled universe, messages from beyond, cosmic consciousness and piercing the veil. Are we pawns in a grander scheme designed by the universe or are we ourselves taking part in creation? Alan also discusses the difference between predictive programming and magic and popular consciousness as a self fulfilling prophecy.


Hour two: (for members but available via Youtube )  Alan Abbadessa - Sync Goggles, Archetypes & Time Waves

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During the first part of the 2nd hour we discuss how the force is using media to communicate messages on a large scale. The cinema is the new temple and mythology is bleeding out everywhere in movies. We'll talk about using what Alan calls "sync goggles" as we are being spoken to everywhere at all times, yet we've forgotten to pay attention. Then, we philosophize about what is magical on Earth and how we already manifest instantly. We talk about the importance of the physical realm and incorporating higher concepts into our experience without being an escapist. Next, Alan discusses synchronicity in numbers and the alphabet, including coding and hidden ciphers. He says there are no rules which apply to interpreting or mapping out the connections. Later, we explore the idea of archetypes and remaining unique while the collective consciousness is seeping in. Alan also brings up Jake Kotze's 911 stargate idea and time waves. He ends reminding people that magic isn't gone from our lives and that we can find it everywhere.

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