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Apr 18, 2011 • 12 comments • 820 views

Digital composite for the electronic decay of the world!

Also appears in:


Disturbing CD, yeah why not. But lets think outside-the-box : cover art for a brochure intro to Business 101 :)
04.18.11 •
I think the world is ready for your new business paradigm.
04.19.11 •
Douglas, finally I see the awards being used. So they are only assignable before posting a comment.
For some reason I can only read your initial comment via ExistentiARTism and not on the original post.
04.18.11 •
Yes, zine-specific awards can only be assigned prior to a comment at this point. Interesting that they do not carry over to the original convo view. As Joe noted, the awards are still evolving…stay tuned!
04.19.11 •
I'm looking at these comments in your original post, by the way, Marianna.
04.20.11 •
Hmm, In the original post- I cannot view original posts made my administrators, replies seem to be unaffected. Maybe just my end again-hmm
04.20.11 •
Sorry, Marianna, not understanding what you mean by that you cannot view original posts made your administrators…
04.20.11 •
Perhaps administrators is not the proper term , you guys + girls (founders) have the title EDITOR - so, it seems when the editors start a forum post, you and Dan Newman, I'm not able to read them when I view the post from my home page zine. It only appears in the conversation of the ExistentiARTism zine,
04.21.11 •
thank you, I appreciate the comment.
05.02.11 •
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