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He has spoken

Apr 21, 2012 • 0 comments • 653 views
The wizard envisions many things
Lost memories and what the future brings
Still he refuses to let the past go
Of people he loved and used to know

The tears will forever flow
the world will never know

In life we are not what we truly want to be
But we are what we are meant to be
By a force beyond our strength and will
The sun light shall be seen over the hill

Tears may fall and whispers heard down the hall
No quest shall be to large or tall

He spoke of drops of rain
Speaks of trials of pain
In the wake of recovery
We open a new door of a new discovery

Clouds may darken this once beautiful sky
As the world shall wonder why

From his castle in Babylon he speaks of the golden sand
Beneath it, it's rich foreign oils are in popular demand
Greed should not destroy the human touch and the human hand
This is not the pure destiny of this sacred land

It is better to be one with yourself
Improve your mental and physical health

No need to delay and put these notions on a shelf
On a voyage of selfish ideas and wealth
With in our eyes and soul
We must exercise some level of self control

The angels cry til their tear ducts become dry
They want to save the world but they are not granted the right to fly  
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