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Oct 18, 2011 • 0 comments • 968 views



The tectonic plates

Have shifted

And Pangea is no more.

Silently drifting apart.

And the Earth will weep at its core.


Let your heart control your hand

And grab the liquid clock.

It slips between your fingers, dripping.

And you’d give your soul to make it stop.


I love you

So I’ll let you go,

And because of this I die.

Pulled apart in so many directions

And the last words choked out

Is a whispered good-bye.


Your perfect green eyes

Tell me exactly what I need to know.

That we have shattered the boundaries

And the consequences unfold.


It’s because of us,

The world isn’t the same anymore,

So we end at the start.

Our love, causing tectonic plates to shift.

Our Pangea, silently drifting apart.


I weep at my core.

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