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The Last Flight

Mar 25, 2012 • 9 comments • 790 views

Also appears in:


Sombre Frames

wonderful work Valerie ; your style is perfect for Sombre Frames as well as Cinematics. I would be delighted if you would join and submit this photo, as well as 'Nothing Personal' to both Zines. Thank you.
03.25.12 •
Thank you so much, Eric, I'm very pleased you liked it! :)
I'm just starting to explore convozine, and not very well guided in here, so would you mind helping me, by giving me a link to Sombre Frames and Cinematics...? I would join them gladly. ;)
03.26.12 •
comment deleted: 03.26.12
comment deleted: 03.28.12
A delightful Sombre Frame Valerie
03.28.12 •
A true nightmare, perfect for Cinematics
03.28.12 •
Thanks again, Eric.)
03.28.12 •
Thanks for posting it here too! Very intriguing image. Dark and sinister also. I can see a very spooky face hidden in it.
03.29.12 •
Thank you, Kurt. I'm glad you liked it. :)
03.30.12 •
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