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Various Indu-Photo Abstracts

Jan 27, 2012 • 12 comments • 1969 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

Recent images from explorations in Mission Bay S.F.

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This study is just fascinating, very urban, very creative and graphic. Fabulous!!!
01.27.12 •
thx a ton eric!
01.27.12 •
Cannot say enough about these, AncientCitySF. Might you post them to PHOTO STORIES? Would love to feature them there. http://convozine.com/photostories
01.27.12 •
Marianna paid for an exclusive. Haa ;)
01.27.12 •
I'm going to drive that woman out of business if it's the last thing I do!!!
01.27.12 •
01.28.12 •
gotta collect the talent quickly around here
01.28.12 •
Quite evocative, love the blurry haunting images!
01.27.12 •
tx karen.
01.27.12 •
absolutely fantastic set here. Strict&straight on the one hand, blurry & amorphic on the other. Love industrial landscapes and you do them justice!
01.28.12 •
tx so much marianna- and for featuring!
01.28.12 •
just looked at these again. you have a way with industrial imagery.. beautifying timeless scale, grey and brown utilitarian utopia-- minus human footprints
01.06.14 •
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