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Aug 18, 2011 • 10 comments • 910 views

2009. Limited Edition. Digital layered photographic pigment print. Several size editions up to 30x44".


Also appears in:

Abandoned Decay

The Poetic

Amazing image. Very abstract!
08.18.11 •
Thx Wilfredo and Blake (for the award and featuring).
10.10.11 •
Almost a whole new medium. Multilayered and fantastic.
10.11.11 •
Thanks man! Beautiful to hear.
10.11.11 •
like cave paintings... Did you draw those wind turbines into the texture?...
...perhaps 100 years from now these would be considered ancient graffiti... predictions of a future that harnesses wind energy.
10.26.11 •
Love your comments jon - this image is multiple photos overlaid - including shots of the windmills here in cali.. altamont pass. "ancient graffiti" - cool concept indeed.
02.06.12 •
Wow! This print sucks me in and makes me notice every detail... you have quite a painterly style in many of your prints!
02.06.12 •
tx a ton kristin.
02.06.12 •
Fascinating ancientcitysf ; all the above comments are appropriate and I would add that there is a surprising depth in this image. Perhaps it is natural for I don't understand very well this technique. Nevertheless I would imagine depth would be more difficult to retain in such manipulations. Beautiful.
02.07.12 •
What a wonderfully lyric image! I love the richness and the the color palette. This image sings to me!
02.07.12 •
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