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Thandekile Muringa aka Miss Zim USA

Feb 8, 2012 • 0 comments • 4378 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

You ought to know Thandekile Muringa! Born and raised in Bulawayo,
Zimbabwe  where her passion for charitable work begun. Thandi’s passion has seen her contribute to charitable work through out her education. At DePaul University she spearheaded the
collection of women’s sanitary products to aid Zimbabwean women during a time
when there was a serious shortage in the country.  


She is currently working on fundraising projects to improve technological resources at select high
schools in Zimbabwe. After being selected as Miss Earth Zimbabwe, Thandi embarked on
variousenvironmental awareness projects with her main focus being Tree
Planting. She held various workshops in rural and urban communities promoting
theimportance of trees. As a challenge, Thandi set out to plant 2000 trees
at 50 schools over a 5 day period. She succeeded in achieving this goal.
She is still continuing with her environmental efforts.


Thandi currently resides in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She studied Finance
at DePaul University and is preparing to begin her studies in Economics
concentrating on Sustainable Development. She also runs an event
management company Wemerty Inc.  Since winning the title of Miss ZimUSA has been active in modelling. Thandi has a passion for fashion and people and hopes in
the future to work in the fashion industry and use those resources to
empower women in Sub-Saharan Africa and improve the area in general.


LoCh:  Thandi! What's Upper? How are you?

TM : ALoha!!!! (I have been dying to say
that)...lol but yeah not much beside this


LoCh: I know! Thanks for sitting with me :) So
before we get into it, for
 everyone that's getting to meet you for
the first time ; Government Name?


TM: Thandekile Emmah Muringa


LoCh: Star Sign

TM:  Scorpio

LoCh: Where were you born and raised?

TM: I was born and raised in the magnificent
city of Bulawayo


LoCh: Where do you live now?

TM: Back in Bulawayo with my parents
(my mom appreciates me mentioning I live
under their roof)


LoCh: I hear you on that one! What do your friends and family call


TM: Friends call me Emmah (that was my
school name) my family calls me Bhebhi
(baby- I was the youngest of the kids for
about 12years and even after my brother
was born, the name stuck...I cringe when
am in public and someone says: BHE-BHI)


LoCh: Can we call you Bhebhi?

TM: No you may not!!!

LoCh: But Bhebhi...?

TM: Ok, Go for it!
LoCh: Yay! So When did you start competing in
beauty pageants and why?


TM: In 2010, I entered my first pageant. My
boyfriend suggested I had the look and
persona of a Beauty Queen so I decided to


LoCh: Dope! You recently represented Zimbabwe in
the Miss Earth 2011pageant! *hi5*  Tell me what the pageant is
about and your experience?


TM: With the increased focus on environmental
awareness and the World over going
"green", the Miss Earth pageant was
founded 10years ago to use beauty to
highlight the importance of the
environment and its preservation.
It was a great experience, I got to travel
around the Philippines, I made new friends
and I got the opportunity to put my
country on the map. I was the only African
and black contestant to make it to the top
8 finalists. I was interviewed by a number
of news channels both television and radio
and people were really excited about
Zimbabwe. I have never had such a great
sense of patriotism like I had during this


LoCh: This was not your first title was it?
What other titles have you held?


TM: I have held the title of Miss Zimbabwe


LoCh: About a week ago we got to meet the finalists for the
Miss Zimbabwe 2012 pageant courtesy of the good folks at ZimboJam.  A
lot of people
 were not impressed. What are your
thoughts on the Miss Zimbabwe  foundation?


TM: NO COMMENT. I have no opinions on the
foundation itself however I was not
impressed by the peoples comments
toward the contestants. Having
represented Zimbabwe as a beauty queen
I have come to realize how short changed
we are as contestants. Most of the girls
vying for the title have no proper
grooming which is not entirely their fault
because when these girls win titles such
as Miss Bindura, Miss Gweru, they don't
receive sponsorship at that early stage.
Resources are key in presenting the best
contestants. I know from personal
experience proper grooming needs a lot of
money. From hair, clothing, professional
photoshoots it can get pricey. What I see is
ordinary Zimbabwean girls with great
potential to look beautiful with the right
grooming and provision of adequate


LoCh: Valid points there! You've probably been asked this a
thousand times but why the hell
didnt you enter the competition?


TM:  I have had my fair share of pageantry.
Beyond the glitz and glam of parading on
stage there is other responsibilities and it
can get frustrating trying to achieve all
goals set before you without the proper
support. As Miss Earth I exerted myself to
such extreme levels, I often found myself
putting in more than I was getting out.
Generally there were some really
miserable and depressing days. I would
not want to endure that for another year.
Besides am not growing any younger there
is more ahead me beyond pageantry.


LoCH: Anyway enough of that boring stuff! Its
play time :) You ready?


LoCh: Describe your personal style?

TM:To be honest am most comfortable in
shorts, a polo shirt and flats however with
my "Beauty Queen" status I find myself
having to be more girly. Typical Thandi
look:  short summer dresses, wedges
(thank God for those) and a
few accessories here and there. I recently
started wearing a watch, am loving it!


LoCh: Would you ever pose nude?

TM: yes!!!! its been my dream for years.
Unfortunately no photographer has
approached me to do a nude shoot.
LoCh: You might get a few offers now!
Ever get so comfortable around a
significant other and passed gas by


TM : It was not by mistake...but yes I have lol


LoCh: Oh.
Beer or Cocktail?


TM: Cocktail... I was such a sex in  the city
groupie in college, hence the obsession
with cosmos and martinis...
LoCh: What do you think about when you are
on the lavatory?


TM: When I was a kid my brother told me
my dad has installed a hidden camera in
the bathroom and every time I went there
he could see me... I know he was lying but
am very paranoid so I sit there think
someone is watching me.


LoCh: That is actually hilarious!
As a person who once said "wants"
Instead of "once" on Twitter, I feel like I can ask you
what was goin' through your head when you wrote "massacre" instead of mascara?


TM: I kept spelling mascara wrong so I hit spell
check on my phone and it gave me
massacre, with no thought I was satisfied
with my phones spelling of MASCARA. so i
hit send. Simple case of not knowing how
to spell...


LoCh: He He He Thanks for playing with me : ). So what's
next for you?


TM: Am getting married!

LoCh: Word?

TM: hahaha I kid. Will be
furthering my studies in Economics and
Sustainable Development while working
on a few projects as well


LoCh: Good Luck xx


Have any questions for Miss Zim USA? Leave a comment!


Keep up to date with Thandekile and her future projects, follow her on twitter @Ndi_Baybay and don't forget to follow our contributer Lorraine Bgoya @LOCHnation. 

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