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The House of Stone

Sep 8, 2011 • 0 comments • 737 views

By Natalie Kombe Copyright 2011 


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Image from depositphotos.com


A Sisters Grim Fairy Tale

Once upona time......in the Former Breadbasket of Africa there lived a group of young men and women who were highly educated and active members of the global village.  They lived in well to do neighbourhoods where they had three square meals a day, money for drinks on the weekend, laptops, cell phones, Internet, DVD players   and DSTV;  all the little luxuries that many in that land went without. They were the privileged, salad eating, degree carrying, people who were lucky that they did not have to resort to crime in order to survive.  Looking at their picture perfect lives, the peasants regarded them with contempt and envy. Who did they think they were strutting around, without a care in the world while the rest of them starved? They were obviously bad people who must be corrupt in some way, otherwise how else were they maintaining these lifestyles when there were not even crumbs left in the breadbasket?


What the peasants didn’t know was all was not as it seemed with these young people. Sure they looked shiny and bright and smelt like a meadow in spring. Sure they spoke perfect English and Vernacular with an accent. Sure they drove fancy cars and ate at expensive restaurants. What they didn’t know was, underneath all that glamour and lifestyle, this young group of men and women were trapped in a dungeon. The dungeon was known as A.D, Arrested Development. They were no longer of school going age yet they still lived at home with their parents. As highly qualified as they were, it was difficult to find employment that would sustain their Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; not even the basic ones such as food and shelter. They were clothed and fed by their hardworking parents who had slaved for many years in order to ensure better lives for their children. They had been sent to the best schools in and out of country so that the world would be their oyster when they grew up. However they were all grown up now and the world was an entrance gate which they did not have the correct admission ticket for.

What were they to do they wondered? How was one supposed to leave they playground now that they were too old to be playing on the merry go round. This was not what they had imagined for themselves, but somehow they seemed stuck in this endless corridor of youth where Peter Pan beckoned to them constantly, where monopoly money was the currency, which was provided for them by the M&D bank (Mommy and Daddy).  Where had they gone wrong and how could they achieve the necessary paradigm shift in order to be the adults they were meant to be.


 It was not through lack of trying. They were frequently searching the papers and browsing the internet for opportunities. However the Former Breadbasket of Africa was not the Land of Opportunity. The Land of Milk and Honey was the Land of Opportunity, and that was many seas away, heavily guarded by the fierce dragon known as the Visa! The Visa dragon had watchful eyes and its huge body and tail was like an Iron Curtain sweeping across the world, except that it never looked East as much as it did West.

The young group of men and women were faced with the dilemma of not having the neccesary tools to  let the Visa dragon allow them to cross over into the land of milk and honey. This made them despair for all their lives they had been told that if they built their houses on sandy foundations or out of glass, the rain and hail of life would pelt down onto their houses and wash their security away.  So they were taught how to build their houses out of stone. This would require a solid education at the right schools, a good deal of intellect and a genuine interest in a career path. They sat in their house of stone and waited to feel secure. They waited for the time of “Happily Ever After” to come. They are still waiting.


Hopefully not the End.........                     

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