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Dear Desire

Apr 25, 2012 • 3 comments • 762 views


Dear Desire,

Your temptations are too much for me to handle. You know the consequences of what you are asking of me, yet you disregard the penalty of your requests. You know that I cannot deny any of your wishes, my weakness lies behind those eyes. I cannot concentrate, my daydreams of your love clouds my motivation to do any thing else. I dare not think of what your touch feels like or how your lips taste, for I will not be able to stop myself from running to you.

Everyday my resistance is broken down further. I am no longer a human but a shell for these sinful stories that keep replaying in my head. I no longer know myself or my boundaries. What have you done to me?

There is only one solution and you know what needs to be done.


Dear Desire, come and release me from this sexual prison you have me locked up in. All I need is your touch and I am yours forever.


© 2011 Drea Alexandra

Wow! Love this! :)
08.13.12 •
Thank you Poppy!
08.14.12 •
just beautiful...the need....
11.16.13 •
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