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Your Hands On Me.

Apr 17, 2012 • 6 comments • 1819 views


I love every part of you-

            Your expressive eyes,

                        Desire filled kisses.


Today I am lusting for something else..

            It is a distraction I cannot shake.


I’ll do what you want,

            All I ask-

                        Put your hands on me.


Touch my face,

            Gentle down my neck,

                        Travel across my hardened peaks.


Put your hands on my hips,

            Pull me close.

Run down my arched back,

            Eagerly, I am anticipating more.


Put your hands on my thighs,

            Open me,

                        Explore me from within.


Put your hands on my warmth,

            Try different positioning,

                        Use force.


Put your hands around my neck,

            Tell me to call your name,

                        Saturate your fingers,

                                    Put them in my mouth.


Be aggressive,

            Go slow.

Make this feeling last.


I’ll do what you want,

            All I ask-

                        Put your hands on me.


2012 Drea Alexandra

++ very very nice.
04.17.12 •
Many thanks!
04.17.12 •
04.18.12 •
Thank you Hector.. hope you stop by to check out some of the rest of my work.
04.19.12 •
beautiful! just .. beautiful!
05.17.12 •
Many thanks!!
05.18.12 •
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