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Role Play

Mar 28, 2012 • 2 comments • 1270 views



Let’s try something new.

Make a list of your dark desires.

Tell me what to wear,

Down to the naughty panties.

Give me a name and a direction.

I want to get it right for you.


Say this,

Act like that,

Make me be your willing stranger.

Show me what you’ve been wanting.


Premeditated story line,

Spontaneous actions.

I have some playfulness you have never seen.


I want to be your private dancer.

Undressing slowly,

Seducing you with each layer removed.

See how long you can contain yourself.


I want to be your flirtatious waitress.

Enjoy me serving you.

I see the way you are looking at me.

Make me your dessert.


I want to be your dirty maid.

Make me address you formally.

Watch me on my hands and knees as I clean for you.

Picture yourself behind me while I do it,

Make it happen.


You look ill,

I will be your affectionate nurse.

Let me pamper you,

My mouth will make you feel better.



Perhaps I am your disobedient student.

I am just not understanding the rules.

Punish me,

I have been bad.


Whatever it is you want to do with me,

I am willing.

Just play with me.


2012 Drea Alexandra

When I cleaned houses for awhile, the maid one was always one of my fantasies. ;) Love this!
11.29.12 •
All I have to say is.. if you cleaned my house.. ;)
11.30.12 •
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