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Mar 4, 2012 • 2 comments • 541 views

My mind has been everywhere, but the place it needs to be today.

I have a fixation;

One that will not be broken until action is taken.


I quickly dial your number,

I do not know what your plans are for tonight,

Nor do I care.

Break them,

I have something more enticing to offer.


“What do you have in mind?” you playfully ask.

You know I do not have to answer,

But I will.


Your full lips on mine.

Breathe me in,

Feel what I want.

Desire pulsating between us.

Barely time to undress.


Supple breasts,

Frantic hands,

Hardened peaks.

Hungry eyes,

Warmth within.

Salty skin.

My heart beating faster with yours.

Take me to the place only you know.

Make my body yours.

Open my world and fill it with your love.

Express it from all angles.

Make me call your name.

Tell me I am your paradise.


“Will that be sufficient?”

With a hard sigh you reply “Come over”


© 2012 Drea Alexandra

Booty calls are hot.
03.04.12 •
agreed Dawn.. thanks for reading!
03.07.12 •
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