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The Decay Of My Desire

Feb 27, 2012 • 7 comments • 1369 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

Wandering around the Packard Plant in Detroit Michigan. A trip home to recharge my batteries doing what I love with those that I love. 

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Great perspectives, Andrea! Is this really the Packard car factory? Amazed it's still there.
03.01.12 •
Thank you Hector. Yes it really is the Packard factory. It's dilapidated but beautiful in it's own way. I spent hours there and only covered a small fraction of it. Looking forward to going back some day before it's gone.
03.01.12 •
What a great series! What part of the country is it in? Great shots, great bursts of color!
03.01.12 •
Excellent series. I agree with all of my fellow convoziners about the perspectives and colors. I like also your management of light, excellent contrast. I would like you to consider submitting this series to CityScapes Andrea. http://convozine.com/cityscapes
03.01.12 •
ooooooooohhh! yummy
03.01.12 •
Thank you for all of the positive comments. Karen the Packard is in Detroit, Michigan. Famous for not only the car but for Plastikman parties in the early 90's.
03.01.12 •
Wonderful series Andrea ; thank you for sharing. Welcome to CityScapes!
03.02.12 •
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