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RnR All Stars show in Argentina

Apr 28, 2012 • 2 comments • 748 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge


It was somewhere after ten o´clock at the open stadium of GEBA when Sebastian Bach´s voice shouted - You know where you are? You´re in the jungle baby!. The same way Axl Rose opened various shows, and above all with similar band mates. On the drums the tireless Matt Sorum(ex GNR and Velvet Revolver), who was the only member of this super band who actually played the whole concert and when it was time for some acousticsbelieve it or not, he fiddled with the tambourine. On the bass, Duff McKagan, who recently entered in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame with the original members of GNR. On the guitar, once a companion to Slash, Gilby Clarke, and on the other side of the stage the other guitar played by Steve Stevens, (Billy Idol). The next song on the menu, just like on the album Appetite for destruction, was It´s so easy. When the crowd was heated up, Sebastian Bach decided to sing one of Skid Row´s hits Youth Gone Wild. Even though without a member of Led Zeppelin, Whole lotta love still is one of the songs mostly sang on concerts. A bit of hands up, a bit of Hola Buenos Aires, and a bit of We love you, and all the same talks we hear every time we go to shows, and it was time for the first change. As the show went on, Billy Duffy(the Cult) replaced Gilby Clarke, apparently very shy Mike Inez(Alice in Chains), replaced Duff McKagan, and Sebastian Bach was replaced by the ex bass player of Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes. As one can imagine the next twenty minutes were dedicated to Deep Purple with songs such as Highway Star, Burn, which Glenn rocked it to the bone, and not to mention his voice which was one of the highlights of the night. Then was a time for some The Cult songs Firewoman and Wildflower, that obviously shown Billy Duffy´s extraordinary talent and great ability to heat up the crowd. A train passed by and Glenn Hughes couldn´t resist shouting something like We love you crazy train people. Joe Elliot was next to sing and again some changes were made on the stage. Duff and Steve returned and Sebastian Bach also made another appearance to accompany Joe Elliot singing Rebel Yell from Billy Idol. After few songs from Def Lepard and some of Collective Soul with Ed Roland, it was time for a bit of slowdown with the acoustic songs like Knocking on a heavens door, Patience, that Sebastian Bach sang it with a bit of tired voice, and the favourite song of Duff McKagan, You can´t put your arms around a memory. The big moment of the night came with the appearance of Gene Simmons who sang Kiss hits such as Dr. Love, I love it loud and just before the end Paradise city made the not so motivated crowd, jump and scream. As a crown with all the members of this Mega Band on stage the Rock and Roll all nite made this nite to be remembered. 

A DVD with the show from Buenos Aires will be soon released.

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Great stuff! Who was on the bill?
04.28.12 •
Sebastian Bach, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Gilby Clarke, Steve Stevens, Glenn Hughes, Billy Duffy, Joe Ellliot, Gene Simons, Ed Roland, Mike Inez
04.28.12 •
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