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A surreal DIY  supernatural docu(mocku?)mentary , good fun.   Many believe that huge unidentified monsters lurk in the worlds oceans and waterways. Do remnants of the dinosaur age still exist, and is this what people are seeing off the coast of Wales in Britain and in San Francisco Bay in the USA? The Animal X - Natural Mystery Unit is on the hunt for Monsters of the Deep. Daniel and Natalie talk with eyewitnesses who have videotaped a pod of huge sea serpents. We have the videotape analyzed by an expert who says the tape is not a fake and the monsters are real.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODcUE1080XE   Watch the rest of the series on the Animal X official page

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Parallel Universes Imagine a universe co-existing in parallel with ours Everything you're about to read here seems impossible and insane,…

Photo found over at Cinema of the World community in Facebook land from the current protests.    More photos from the…


Alternative Artificial Limbs

Marianna | 0 comments | 03/23/13


Radioactive Man | VICE

Marianna | 3 comments | 03/13/13

Mr.Matsumura has the highest radiation dosage in post Fukushima Japan . He chose to leave his family and go back…

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