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Google's Smart Glasses Will Make Us All Cyborgs

link shared Apr 6, 2012 • 10 comments • 1370 views

The officially released video is finally here, demonstrating Google's augmented reality "top secret" smart goggles, which had been mere hearsay about one month or two ago.  The time has come. Either we are in the system, or outside it. 


Page Excerpt

Goodbye privacy (of whatever we still have left)!
Ad free personal zones - gone!
Deaths by stupid texters -- huge increase expected as people jerk their heads to move invisible letters, a preferred choice of communication. Voice is overrated!

04.06.12 •
Another step to perfect manipulation. "Don´t go there", "Please, enter", "Don´t believe", "Don´t watch"....."Don´t think!"
04.06.12 •
04.06.12 •
Hilarious example of why google doesn't "get it" at the human product level. Every here example is scary and annoying – evoking a demoralizing sense of the loss of my humanity through a silly dependence on convenience. Would I like glasses that can do something cool through technology – sure, but doods...come on!
04.06.12 •
I think its only a matter of time before they sharpen the design to make them less dorky. We have been primed through Sci-fi films with cyborgs who although evoke fear in us, make us jealous of their capabilities. It is more of a surprise that these glasses didn't come out sooner. I totally see most people wearing them and using them, while biting their nails in fear. I myself am tempted to check em out, being a total techie who is mortified by technology. Shit!
04.07.12 •
I rather enjoyed the parody video in which the guy keeps running into things while paying attention to what's going on in the glasses. That would be me.
04.06.12 •
Yes, I watched it soon after the official announcement. It's spot on.
04.07.12 •
this is another parody, with the bits that the promo video forgot to put in: ADS

04.08.12 •
Sure has the feeling of a SEGWAY. The mass appeal of products that make you look like a dork ..is in question.
04.06.12 •
they are slowly working on the contact lens version, if fashion is important to you :)
04.07.12 •
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