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3D Projection Turns Czech Church Into a Virtual Musical Instrument

link shared Apr 1, 2012 • 2 comments • 2974 views

This could easily have been mere gimmickry, but I think the artists have done a wonderful job not only of making it startlingly fresh to look at, but beautiful sounding. I'm wondering if any of my friends in Prague managed to get to the Olomouc Baroque church to see this.


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I actually didn't even hear about it. Looks fun.
The guys behind Macula, video-mapped Prague's astronomical clock a few years back.

04.01.12 •
Fashionable shows now in Czechia. Music is predominantly some strange new age mix of everything. Thank you for submission to Czechia convozine, it is the first contribution from abroad !
04.01.12 •
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