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Feb 23, 2012 • 6 comments • 1407 views

Thinking about heading down this path some more...

Very interesting Dan. The color of the jet is well chosen. The action in the image is stunning ; there is a lot of movement, violence even, stormy weather.
02.24.12 •
comment deleted: 02.24.12
Thanks eric; for the insightful commentary!
02.24.12 •
Dope composition, Dan! love the cross between the clean vector and rough imagery.
02.25.12 •
Definitely dopealicious. Nice work, Dan — by all means head down this path. So interested to see where it takes you.
02.25.12 •
thank you for the submission. a flight out of the void. sign me up!
would make a fantastic book cover Dan
02.26.12 •
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