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Technocracy: A New Society

link shared Nov 9, 2011 • 7 comments • 2234 views

What is Technocracy, and how will it shape the future of the world? This Article helps to explain its use in an ever changing world and how we as humans can exist peacefully with machines in a centralized computer consciousness.


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(beat) response

The problem with the human council governing the technocratic machine consciousness as you have written it, is that the council will be inherited from our current World Order council, which is corrupt. Same strings will be pulling the shots in the technocracy more efficiently. I can't help but think of a 2001 Space Oddysey scenerio.

For me, I don't buy into the optimism that we will have a better life with more free time for innovation, once machines start taking over. As I wrote previously, the situation I envision is a deficit of work and a global calamity of culture and civilization, as a revolt will place us back in the beginning. The elites will never allow us to exit the control grid they've created: dependency on money, useless work and scrambling for scarce resources. The machine would inflame what we already witness in the west: export of jobs, leaving educated people homeless and rioting in the streets
11.12.11 •
I appreciate both agreement and concern with this new form of government, as only time will tell. I am currently working on a book outlining this entire government.
11.12.11 •
yes, better to be weary of "miracle cures".
A book on the entire government - that's quite a lot of work. Be careful not to get depressed ;-)
11.12.11 •
and do post your first chapter!
11.12.11 •
Yea, I hate when I write, and half-way in it's like wow will it ever be finished...I will pvt. you the chapter at some point.
11.12.11 •
great part in the video at 2:30 about "modeled consciousness and actual consciousness"
in "Machine Consciousness"

It's amazing that we are at this synchronicity point!
11.12.11 •
very true isnt it
11.12.11 •
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