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"Killer At Large" (Surgeon General says, 'obesity is the terror within...')

link shared Aug 1, 2010 • 2 comments • 1052 views
Well done. This needs to get out there. People are all up in arms about the sexy stuff — ooh, the bogeyman is coming from the Middle East to poison us! But the most dangerous, lethal things are really so banal. We're fat. We sit around, and we eat all the wrong foods made with all the wrong stuff — and our cities and suburbs and our food industry makes sure it's going to stay that way.
08.02.10 •
And kudos to Surgeon General Carmona for his incisive and eloquent grasp of the problem. The current surgeon general, Regina Benjamin, seems like a lovely person, but to be honest, as a spokesman for a healthy lifestyle, she could stand to lose a few.
08.02.10 •
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