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Steel Sculpture


The Draw Of A Chill Urban Night Steel, MIG and SMAW welds, Enamel Spray, Acetylane Torch, Oil Paints, Cold Wax 25" x 21" x 5 1/4 2012 Virginia T Coleman   Link to Video-  http://vimeo.com/40792238

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jeff newman | 2 comments | 12/19/11

2011 Modeled steel and copper on steel base. 27" x 5" x 5"   This steel sculpture was inspired by…



Virginia Coleman | 0 comments | 09/12/11

  Nimble 2011 Steel (MIG, SMAW),  Enamel Paint, Oil Paints ©2011 VirginiaTColeman   Last photo is of it against a…


A Woman's Wonderment

Virginia Coleman | 0 comments | 09/05/11

A Woman's Wonderment 26" x 14" x 8" Steel, MIG, Enamel Paint, Oil Paints 2011 Virginia T Coleman

Discovered him while looking at welding videos. He has a great variety of videos and art on his site.

They say the greatest sculptures begin as painters. Lila Katzen is no exception.


Steel Framework's

Virginia Coleman | 2 comments | 06/27/11

Steel is the framework for many great inventions, structures and ideas.   I recently fabricated a 20 ft tall by…

Rico Eastman I had the pure pleasure recently of meeting and picking the brain of contemporary metal sculptor Rico Eastman.…


Who is John Galt?

Virginia Coleman | 1 comment | 05/09/11

    I have done a series of works based off Ayn Rand's novel's.   "A creative man is motivated…

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