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Aug 17, 2011 • 5 comments • 738 views

I rarely leave home without at least one camera, but the day I saw this interesting composition while driving down an alley, I had. I drove 15 miles home for a camera and back again just to get this shot. 

Really nice! Somehow I don't think your award is appropriate here, though…
08.17.11 •
What award? As a newbie I may be doing something wrong. If I entered this into a contest or something I didn't intend to. I hate being inappropriate, but I just can't seem to help myself!
08.17.11 •
Hi, Jody — Well, there is — or *was* — one award that could be given to posts on your zine, but as an R.I.P. award I didn't feel it really fit! I guess you've removed that. Anyway, if you want to create other awards, that's a fun way to let readers engage with the zine and recognize great work. Love your images…
08.18.11 •
nice comp and color.
08.18.11 •
Kind of neat how most of the visual elements of the american flag are hiding in this image in one place or another.
08.18.11 •
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