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Ring Road. Bridges.

May 29, 2011 • 3 comments • 1117 views

Ring Road. Bridges.
oil on canvas, 70?50 cm.,


Even wonder how long that would last for me, this Ring Road...
The most interesting thing that I do not really understand how it happened that I was interested so strongly. Yes, it's fun and exciting, and there are many things to be painted, but I probably can't explain why the role of the Ring Road in my thoughts and artworks is even greater than in real life — I drive through it very rarely...

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The Poetic

Another good one, Ruben.

One possible explanation for your attraction is the powerful modern metaphor that expressways represent. It's the fast pace of modern life, speeding from one logos to another without stopping to smell the roses; in the case of the St. Petersburg Ring Road relatively empty, adding to the alienation of rushing at great speed yet never really arriving at any place or connecting with anyone; over which pass bridges (your focus) which see the expressways -- and vice versa -- yet never really meet with them.

Reminds me a bit of the recent American movie "Up In The Air". Had to do with flying, not driving, and with outsourcing and laying off workers, but it touched on the speed and convenience of modern life and its tool on real human lives.

My random Sunday thoughts, anyway...worth what you have paid for them!!

05.29.11 •
Interesting associations, Douglas
Thanks you :)
05.30.11 •
another beaut! love the composition and color palette.
06.03.11 •
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