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Men's club

Nov 21, 2011 • 6 comments • 3006 views

Small group of men, playing chess at night in the center of the reguinal park...

Also appears in:

Street Photography


human connection

Impressive Anat. I love the composition and the negative space around the scene ; and with the movement blurs, this image is very particular, surreal and cinematic.
11.22.11 •
Thank you so very much Eric
12.15.11 •
Agreed, the lighting and the night (or dark) setting makes the highlighting so effective. And ditto on the movement of the figures. Great job!
11.22.11 •
Thank you very much !
12.15.11 •
Very exceptional atmosphere in this. Very unique shot, full of character and movement. Excellent.
12.11.11 •
Thank you very much Kurt
12.15.11 •
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