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Mexican vegetarian dishes - latimes.com

link shared Apr 13, 2011 • 1 comment • 825 views

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OK I live in 'hick' Southeastern Iowa. By hick I mean that they do not have eateries like 'Toast', 'The French Laundry' 'Per Se' or even 'Dosa', but my/our favorite restaurant is 'Little Mexico' in Mt. Pleasant Iowa. We go there all the time, which is about once per month or so, give or take.

LM, for short, is our ideal eatery. The food is quite good even though it might not be considered 'authentic Mexican' as described in this stuffy article in the LA Times. But we always have a great time here.

I usually get the Vegetarian Fajitas. But probably will try something different this Tuesday. When I go out to eat there are many aspects to deciding whether or not I have had a pleasant experience. Some of the variables are the people I go with, my own state of consciousness at the time, the food, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the level of service which mainly includes how I/we are treated, and everything that has gone into the experience of eating.

I'm really enjoying 'Tastebuds' and I'm sure that it will become the rage of 'Convozine' maybe even make 'Convozine' one of the top searched sites on the internet or at least in Food. Normal people relating their experiences with food.
04.22.11 •
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