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Yin Yang

Apr 27, 2011 • 6 comments • 1893 views

When I saw this,a mannequin behind a storefront window in Midtown Manhattan during April, with light casting itself on one side of the mannequin and shadow on the other, I saw the perfect opportunity to capture several obsessions at once, that of symmetry, Mannequins, dualism, and contrast. Here was a two faced mannequin, showing off its two sides, underneath its usual mask it was ominous and strange. A reflection of an American flag hung overhead, along with strange words, such as represent. To me, it looked like something out of a propaganda poster, everything signifying strength, patriotism and conformity, except for its strange, almost devilish nature.


We all have several sides to us underneath what we present others. Our nature is in flux, battling inside of us. For me, this mannequin said so much. It's also damned creepy. The post processing is quite minimal. There's some contrast and light levels to make the picture more powerful, but the shot, in camera, had all the features of this contrast to begin with.


Camera: Fuji S9100.

a brilliant piece. congrats on winning 2nd place. i can explore this image for hours on end. fantastic work.
05.07.11 •
Thank you! I appreciate that immensely! :)
05.08.11 •
Congratulations, Christopher -- Great job capturing eternity in the instant.
05.08.11 •
Thanks! It was too strange not to.
05.09.11 •
the lustre and enigma even though b/w.. make this uniquely stand out and make us read your thoughts

you are quite expressive with your heart..
08.01.11 •
Your compliments really put a smile on my face. You are certainly expressive too, and incredibly kind and sincere! Not many people have that kind of sensitivity. It's the sensitivity of someone who has thoughts and contemplations that I don't think many people ever really even think about.
08.01.11 •
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