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Home and the City

Mar 25, 2011 • 1 comment • 574 views


Nature and the city. These days, nature-lovers like me would be really thankful to see simple sights such as these in busy crowded places like Manila. I've always told my significant others that I plan to get old in a farm away from the city -- a place where I do not have to mind traffic and to endure all forms of pollution. I want to spend the rest of my golden days waking up to cold mornings, hearing the birds chirping, or the stream flowing nearby. I want to grow old taking care of little children and all the people I love. Then on late afternoons, I'll fall asleep on a hammock under a mango tree while knitting. I believe it's growing old the Filipino way. 
City living is definitely enjoyable. People I pass by inside malls are sporting the latest in fashion, I get to see and sometimes buy the latest gadgets, I get to dine in the restos I want and get almost everything I need with relative ease. However, I do believe that all of these will be of little importance to me when my hair has turned gray. For a girl who was raised not surrounded by high fashion, the latest in technology, shiny cars and the like, growing old means going back to the time when life is simple, soulful and pure. I love my life as a city girl, but on the inside, I will always be the Filipina raised humbly in a lovely province. 
One day, I'll definitely go back hoping that modernization hasn't yet eaten what was left of my true home.
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