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Art as we know it is finished

link shared Nov 22, 2011 • 4 comments • 2101 views

Art, according to The Guardian's Jonathan Jones, is dead. Bemoaning the trend towards glitziness and celebrity obsession, Jones argues that artists, following the market, have given up doing work of emotional and social substance. Shirking its responbility as an arbiter of truth, art has "aspire[d] to be all the things fashion is." But in a crisis of debt that's shaken global ecomomies and stoked social conflict, Jones writes that art is "about to be exposed as nothing more than the decor of an age of mercantile madness,"


On top of softening sales following the global economic slump, art must respond to the larger moment, the widening gulf between the top 1% of society — consumers of the type of work pictured above — and the other 99% who, as brought to our awareness by the global Occupy movement, face an increasingly  "authentic" struggle to get by every day.


It's just another thread in the knotty question of where art goes after post-modernism. 


(I've added images by the artists Jones mentions in his article: Marc Quinn, Leon Kossof, Frank Auerbach, Paula Rego, Quinn again, and Antony Gormley)

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Great commentary and find D. A bit too nauseating but nothing surprising. It all started going down hill with Dali behaving like the darling of the film world and Warhol and Co. deconstructing the idea of what art is forever.

As the saying goes, 'video killed the radio star' ...
A spell is unleashed with TV / media exposure,which drugs the populace , it's too predictive : the more I see the face (popularity) , the better it is.

conditioning 101.
11.22.11 •
Wow, my boyfriend just sent me this article this very morning. Love it and Tweeted it today too! Great minds...
11.28.11 •
art is dead? there IS a distinction betw/ art and fashion and once art enters the realm of entertainment, it is no longer art...sorry jjones...i don't buy it.

ok ok i reacted too quickly, maybe a little too emotionally...every article needs a hook and 'art is dead' sucked punched me in... just like 'painting is dead' got me...back around 1980 was it? but wait, wait...didn't painting get reborn? again in the mid 80's?... not to mention in the renaissance? art will always rebirth itself. it can't be killed...maybe put to sleep for a brief time only to be awakened once again. theres outrageous stuff in the article but to say art is now dead...well thats just plain silly.
12.01.11 •
What is death anyway? Nice find...
12.01.11 •
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