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August Photography Challenge

Aug 2, 2011 • 27 comments • 10637 views

Theme: Perspective 



  1. a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface
  2. a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance
  3. a view over some distance in space or time


Look beyond the obvious and show us your best shot at creating an image which best captures what this concept means to you.   Be surprising, and don't be afraid to take the theme someplace unexpected and original.   Submissions will be judged on creativity in application of the theme as well as artistic and technical merit.   Tell us a bit about your image when you enter it.   What does the image communicate to you?   Were there any challenges that you had to overcome to successfully capture the image?   What techniques and equipment did you use?


Above all, have fun and be creative!   We can't wait to see what you come up with.


Entries begin now.  Contest runs through August 31st, 2011.

Limit: one photograph per entry, four entries per person.

Winners will be announced on September 12th, 2011.


Because this is a photography challenge, we are limiting post-processing to things that you can normally accomplish in the darkroom. Tone, brightness and contrast and 'dodge and burn' are all fair game, but composting multiple elements from different images into a single image or painting out elements within the frame is off-limits. Focus on capturing the best image you can in-camera.


If you reach your limit on submissions, see the list of additional photography related zines at the end of the announcement.


Follow the August Challenge on Twitter @convochallenge




First, second and third place prizes will be awarded by the Convozine creative staff — based on overall creativity and artistic merit.


First Place: US$500


Second Place: US$300


Third Place: US$200


How to enter:


[Protip: click to open these instructions in another window]


1. Join the August Challenge zine.


Each zine has a button for joining on it's cover page.   It looks like this:   

Joining zines enables you to post convos to it.   Click this button above.   If you haven't already signed up on Convozine, you can quickly do so here.   Or click LOGIN to sign in with your Convozine account or with a Twitter account.   


If you are having difficulty finding this button, click here to re-enter the zine.


2. Post a convo to the zine.


After you have joined a zine, you can begin posting to it.   Click the "+ Post to Zine" button.


A drop-down menu will appear.   For this contest, click the "Post original content" button.



This will open a form to post a new convo.   It defaults to the "Words/images" button at the top of the page which is what you will use to create a convo for this challenge.



Click the Add Images button to upload an image from your desktop.   Title your entry and write a descriptions in the BODY field.   If you followed this flow from the August Challenge zine, you should see the "Submit to Zine" selector at the bottom set to "August Challenge".


When done, click 'Publish'.


Each entry can have only one photograph.   Entries with multiple images will be disqualified.   You can enter up to four times — with four separate convos.   Watch the videos in the About Us for a faster way to create and contribute mulitple convos.


This convo will be published into the August Challenge zine.   If it meets the contest criteria, the zine editors will accept them into the zine and the contest.


3. Give awards and feedback


We would love to see you encouraging and interacting with the rest of the entrants - hopefully we can all learn some new tips or techniques by sharing with each other.   


Click the submissions button above or here to see all the August Challenge entries.  




The Convozine network includes other photography related magazines:


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...and more.


You can post your photos to multiple zines.    You can also start a new zine at any time.




Thanks for looking at this and good luck on your submission!    There are some short videos on how Convozine works here.   If you have any questions, you can email us at info (at) convozine.com.


Special thanks to:




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August Challenge

08.11.11 •
comment deleted: 08.18.11
comment deleted: 08.18.11
kokoy, are you still having problems submitting a photograph?
08.18.11 •
i cant figure out how to post a photo :(
08.19.11 •
Hi, I've just submited three photos for the contest, but I don't know if I had to do three different posts, or if it's alright to submit three different images in one only post...
Thank you
08.22.11 •
Hello, Rodrigo — Thank you for entering. The August Challenge is a single-image contest, so please submit your three images as three separate entries so that they can be awarded and judged individually.
08.28.11 •
I signed up and logged in, at which point there's no "post to zine" button. Please delete my account.

Lana Gramlich
08.28.11 •
Hi, Lana — This sounds like an Internet Explorer issue — if you are using that browser please try using Firefox or Chrome or Safari instead. We do not generally support IE.
08.28.11 •
There is no "post to zine" button, only this "post comment" button. I would really like to submit a photo, but it is impossible if your site doesnt do what it says...
08.29.11 •
Anubis22, have you logged in and joined the zine? What browser are you using?
08.29.11 •
Hi, I just submitted 2 postings with 1 photo each. I used an html link to each photo... I can see the photos when I go to the edit view of my post, but they are not showing in any other view... What did I do wrong?
08.30.11 •
so, who won?
09.12.11 •
yes, when are we going to see the winners?
09.13.11 •
I am checking constantly on Convozine to see if the winners are posted. Please tell me when they will be posted. It is now two days after the original date that they were to be announced, and I am really anxious. Thanks!
09.14.11 •
Hey Kate, we're still reviewing all the photos. there were a lot of entries this time. we should have a consensus soon...
09.15.11 •
Thanks. :)
09.15.11 •
I am as well!
09.14.11 •
Me too. like 5 times a day...
09.15.11 •
I am interested to know which images won but I am not getting anxious as mine are certainly not in contention. Love to know though.
09.15.11 •
Mine are nothing special as well. But I still would like to see the winners.
09.15.11 •
09.15.11 •
Absolutely Danielle. Or even a note to acknowledge the delay and advise a new date? Those in contention might not be so inclined to submit in the future. That would be a pity.
09.15.11 •
Hey guys, sorry for the delay. We're pushing to finish reviewing all the entries by tomorrow. We should be announcing the winners by tomorrow night.
09.15.11 •
thank you for the update :)
09.16.11 •
K, the announcement is up on the front page:
09.16.11 •
Is there going to be an October Challenge? It seems silly to skip September as well.
10.03.11 •
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