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Once Upon a Time

Paul Kennedy, Jr. | 0 comments | 04/01/13

  It wasn't about the sex But that's what made you sexy No facade and no games Or petty ways to test me Without effort we talked For hours on end Before and after lovers We were truly friends You brought what I needed Everytime you came through Some loud, or an ear, the truth A distraction or just some food And I tried to reciprocate And give back your effort Knowing there's no way To repay what you're worth You rejected my attempts Only asking for my eye So guiltily I accepted simply Being a man in your life Maybe I was just young I was a bit numb Or maybe just dumb But I loved our sum Me plus you was better Than our paths permitted The stars didn't see fit To allow our permanence

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  We worship what You call the devil Our saving angel On his own level Brought twice around His second…


Freedom of Expression

Paul Kennedy, Jr. | 0 comments | 12/09/11

Painting the colors Of the wind Expression of art From within Being a human Being different Being inspired In an…


Paul Kennedy, Jr. | 0 comments | 11/22/11

He was there when she cried Cuz her man broke her heart He knew dude was a player And to…


The Haunted

Paul Kennedy, Jr. | 0 comments | 11/22/11

  The wind howled outside the manor Yet all was quiet inside her mind The demons flashed before her eyes…



Paul Kennedy, Jr. | 0 comments | 11/22/11

  Fightin' to stay alive. Why? In this day and time With an abundance of wealth In this country that…

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