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Nov 9, 2011 • 0 comments • 979 views


Fightin' to stay alive.
Why? In this day and time
With an abundance of wealth
In this country that doesn't help
Why after all these years
Every night fightin' back tears
Staying strong, goin' on
Until you're sore to the bone
But you fight the powers that be
Not only for you but for me
So our ancestors and predecessors'
Struggles empower our successors
And create a new nation of people
Equal and livin' peaceful
And you don't do it for recognition
Or praise, you got a vision
Of you people being appreciated
Not simply emancipated
Neither overlooked nor looked down on
Nor neglected but respected like an atomic bomb
So you fight for the day
Any way, every day without pay
Not just for your people, but all races
People from all locations, puttin smiles on childrens faces
All people deserve the right,
Black, Hispanic or White,
Asian or Middle Eastern decent
Living and being content
Workin, laughin' and jokin'
No thorn pokin', provokin' or guns smokin'
So you fight now, so your children don't need to
Sacrificing yourself, but WE still need you
And you need us to help fight
Side by side, every night
You're strong enough to do a lot on your own
But you don't have to go it alone.
If no one else will, I'll follow your lead
And maybe one day accomplish your dream.  

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