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In-between: Katrin

Nov 27, 2011 • 3 comments • 623 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

Here's a fresh story from the series In-between. Sylwia and I had never met Katrin before the photo shoot. We were only in touch over e-mail, discussing details for the shoot. The idea of the suicide was hers. She wanted both: the razor and pils for a stronger and more naturalistic effect. 



It was a bit tricky to photograph in a such confined space. We felt a little like a CSI unit. There's this investigative feel to the photos. The cold colour cast brings to mind the prosectorium, there's nothing homy and personal about this place.



There's also a question about nudity. We were wondering if the model should've been naked in the tub or not, which wasn't the problem for Katrin. But after some discussions, we came to conclusion that she wouldn't have done it naked, as later someone would need to remove her body from the bathtub. Also we felt that nudity would take away attention from the main subject.

Also appears in:


Awesome story and photos ; very graphic and well composed. I don't get the focus on the shampoo bottles in the first one, but this is a fantastic series nevertheless. Quite disturbing.
12.13.11 •
Thanks Eric!
About the focus on the shampoo bottles ... we always try to portrait "victim" and environment as well. In that case because it was bathroom we were very limited. Those bottles were the only personal things there ...
01.02.12 •
AMAZING!!! Story.. photos..
04.28.12 •
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