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My Joy… My Sorrow

Jul 31, 2011 • 17 comments • 4328 views
Huge Huge Huge

Improper waste disposal and pollution plays a very vital role in the degrading condition of our environment.  Senate Bill 906 proposes to protect the Philippineenvironment against pollution and garbage problemthrough reduction, re-use and recyclingscheme of waste.  But here, the innocent child happily swims in the shore not minding his safety and danger.  This is part of his everyday life as he is living in a reclaimed area along the shores of Bacolod City, Philippines. This was taken June 14, 2011 at 10 o’clock in the morning.

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Oh. My. God.
07.31.11 •
OMG indeed. Thanks for the award!
08.01.11 •
Thank you for submitting these devastating photos, Wilfredo. I just cannot wrap my head around the laughter and smiles on that kids face as he swims through garbage. This series, or any others you have like it, would also be an excellent submission for the FOROJORNO zine. http://convozine.com/zine/911-fotojorno
07.31.11 •
He swims together with some of his friends. They enjoyed every second that they're together. Thanks for the award!
08.01.11 •
07.31.11 •
Thanks for the award!
08.01.11 •
The photo tells an interesting story. Thanks for sharing.
08.01.11 •
You're welcome. Thanks for the award!
08.01.11 •
Thank you Convozine for the featured story of my Conzo. Very much appreciated! :)
08.01.11 •
Wow... Interesting..
08.04.11 •
Thank you Godek!
08.04.11 •
That is beyond human comprehension! No more words...
08.04.11 •
Indeed. Thanks for the award! :)
08.05.11 •
Thank you Fotojorno for the featured story of my convo! :)
08.06.11 •
Thank you also to Hector for the award!
08.06.11 •
This is one of the most striking images on Convozine! Thank you very much for posting it to "WET", would you please submit the first image as a single photo in order to make it a feature, please! Thanks a lot!
10.17.11 •
Hi Anna! Thank you so much for featuring my photo. I really appreciate it a lot. Anyway, just uploaded a single photo and I entitled it "Let's swim". Hope you like it. Thanks again!!! :)
11.03.11 •
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